What John’s Patients Are Saying


Partially frozen diaphragm.

A few years ago when I was diagnosed with a partially paralyzed diaphragm with a loss of lung capacity to 50% of normal, the pulmonologist gave me the somewhat disheartening news that only 3% of patients with this condition can expect to see any improvement. That is when I turned to the less traditional (by Western standards) methods of MPT and acupuncture practiced by John Slosberg. Over a period of about a year of this therapy I noticed a slow but steady improvement in breathing and an increase in lung capacity measured as 60% of normal after a few months and more recently as 76% of normal. I am back doing aerobic activities and fully expect to continue to improve. I have no doubt that MPT and acupuncture have been the key factors in my continuing recovery.

B.R., Carleton, Oregon

John had completely reversed the condition.

”John Slosberg has been my Acupuncturist, colleague and friend for over ten years. Two years ago, I was developing a Morton's Neuroma under my left second toe. It was so painful that it hurt to walk. After six treatments of acupuncture and MPT, John had completely reversed the condition. I have been pain free in that foot since then. I am a cranial osteopath and I have confidently referred many patients with pain problems to him.”

-Rebecca Reese, M.D., Portland, Oregon

Acupuncture and MPT together is a very effective treatment.

“Recently, I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus in the left knee. I chose not have surgery but instead, decided to have John Slosberg treat me with Acupuncture and MPT. In just a few visits, the knee swelling was significantly reduced and pain and stiffness of the leg muscles was eliminated. I can walk freely without pain, and along with some simple knee exercises, I experience very little discomfort over an extended period of activity. If the knee flares up on occasion, the treatments take care of it promptly. Acupuncture and micro-current together is a very effective treatment.”

-Guy Boster, Portland, Oregon

John is an intelligent, experienced and intuitive practitioner.

“John is an intelligent, experienced and intuitive practitioner. His use of micro-current is performed with sensitivity and care. I am grateful for my corresponding improvement in health and function.

-Wendy, Portland, Oregon

I met John Slosberg and things changed for me.

“Five years ago my back hurt so much I'd have to crawl from sitting position in order to stand and walk. I was 55 years old and hoped to stay an active person. I met John Slosberg and things changed for me. He interviewed me and thoroughly "connected the dots." I shared with him all aspects of my life and he started treating me. My lower back was the first part of my spine that started to heal. Today I have no trouble with my lower back. We continue treatments and work on total balance and balanced energy. I highly recommend John for you; for anyone that is looking for relief from pain, and want to experience a fullness of health.

-Mary Brottlower, Portland, Oregon

I’d seen four MDs, an osteopath and another acupuncturist before coming to see John.

“I suffered from a very rare neurological malady (palatal myoclonus), which caused a clicking and whirring in my right ear that severely disrupted my sleep at times for the last eight years. I’d seen several MDs, had an MRI and a cat scan, and tried a couple of osteopaths and another acupuncturist, before coming to see John. He used a combination of acupuncture and MPT and has gotten me to the point where the symptoms are almost completely imperceptible. If I ever suffer a relapse, John will be the first person I call.”

-LLP, Portland, Oregon

John made it so relaxing and painless.

"I felt that I had some lower back pains and some shoulder pains. I didn't know what to do about it. When I heard about John, I decided to try acupuncture out and see what happened. With John's gentle touch and soothing manner, I didn't feel a thing! John made it so relaxing and painless. I didn’t feel any pain for months after my treatment. John was awesome!"

-Joe, age 11

I liked having acupuncture with John because my legs felt stiff from all the walking I have to do every day but after they felt really, really good. I wasn't scared of the needles. It hurt a little at first but then it was okay.

-Faye, age 6